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New publication
Tsumari Story catalog and special edition box set

RongRong & inri: Tsumari Story

Published on November 13, 2014

Further Information:

Book Designed by Satoshi Machiguchi, Tokyo

Contributions by John Tancock, Tokihiro SATO,
Fram KITAGAWA. Each volume includes Chinese &
Japanese bilingual text.

Limited edition of 1000 copies. Edition numbers.

1 to 50 (+AP10) are special edition collector's sets.

Hardcover, Japanese paper-bound book.
(The paper design of each edition is unique)

257 x 355mm/ 10 x 14in, 80 pages, 54 images.
Total weight: 1.38kg

ISBN: 978-988-15677-6-5




Special edition collector's set:

Frontispiece calligraphy by RongRong and designed by Satoshi Machiguchi

This special collector's set is housed in a handmade
Japanese paper box. (Unique paper design for each edition)

It contains the Tsumari Story catalog, Chinese & Japanese
bilingual text and 10 gelatin-silver prints.

Each printed under the artists'.
Artists' signatures on the box and the prints.


Edition: 50 (+AP10).
Print size: 255 x 340mm/ 10 x 13.5in.
Box size: 285 x 379 x 60mm/ 11 x 15 x 2.4in.
Price: Prices changes by edition availability.


Published by Three Shadows Press Limited and Saneido Co., Ltd.

Three Shadows Press Limited

Saneido Co., Ltd.
www.rongin.com (Tsumari Story official page) info@rongin.com