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Works 作品

We have been working on the series “Jifei Kyoto”since 2015. Against the background of the profound time-space represented by stone, we can see, before our eyes, a recurrence of love in the interlay of fallen trees in the natural world. In the repetition of daily life and the never-ending flow of the Kamo River, we can know the joy of regeneration. “Jifei Kyoto” is to us both a process and an inescapable future. 
  One part of “Jifei Kyoto” is photographing trees that have fallen. There is a term “槁木死灰”,(kouboku shikai/Gǎomù sǐhuī) which means “as lifeless as cold ashes”. However, “槁木”(kouboku/Gǎomù) has a deeper meaning. It does not mean that the tree is dead, but rather that the seeming existence is a hotbed of new life and explosive rebirth. In the natural world, it is a symbol of rebirth.
  It is the sense of an existence that transcends time and space that I feel from the expression of the stones in karesansui. The ultimate form of spirituality that seems to lead directly to the universe and a surrealistic sense of the future of the earth after the natural world has died out. 


  RongRong&inri "Untitled.25 2008" RongRong&inri "Liulitun, Beijing. 2002 No.13" RongRong&inri "Caochangdi, Beijing. 2007 No.1" RongRong&inri "Three Shadows Beijing. 2006 No.2-2" RongRong&inri 2000 RongRong&inri "Tsumari Story No.7-1, 2012"   

RongRong's works - 2000

Selfportrait 《自拍像》
East village, Beijing《北京东村》,1993-1998
1996-1998 Beijing《1996-1998 北京》
1997-2000 Beijing《1997-2000 北京》


inri's works - 2000

1999 Tokyo《1999 东京》,1997-1999
Gray Zone《灰色地带》,1999-2000


RongRong&inri's works 2000-2002

In the Great Wall, China, 2000《在长城,中国,2000年》
In the Jiayuguan, China, 2000《在嘉峪关,中国,2000年》
In Fujisan, Japan, 2001《在富士山,日本,2001年》
In Luguhu, China, 2001《在泸沽湖,中国,2001年》
In Yulongxueshan, China, 2001《在玉龙雪山,中国,2001年》
In Bad Goisen, Austria, 2001《巴特戈伊瑟恩,奥地利,2001年》
In Helsinki, Finland, 2001《赫尔辛基,芬兰,2001年》


RongRong&inri's works 2002-2012

Liulitun, Beijing《六里屯,北京》,1996-2003
We are here, Beijing, 2002《我们在这里,北京,2002年》
RongRong & inri 2005《榮榮&映里 2005年》
Three Shadows, Beijing《三影堂,北京 》, 2006-2007
Dior《迪奥》, 2008
Untitled 2008《无题 2008年》
Caochangdi, Beijing《草场地,北京》, 2004-2012


 RongRong&inri's works 2012-

Tsumari Story 《妻有物语》, 2012-2014
Jifei Kyoto《即非京都》, 2015-


Tsumari Story's Story, 2012-2014

Public Collections

Alexander-Tutsek Stiftung München, Germany
Asian Art Museum, USA
AW Asia, USA
DSL Collection, France
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan
Getty Museum, USA
He Xiangning Art Museum, China
Ivory Press, Spain
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Oregon 
LVMH Foundation, France
Mori Art Museum, Japan
Sigg Collection, Swizerland 
Shiseido, Japan
Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
Smart Gallery of University of Chicago, USA
Tate Modern, UK
Tempere Art Museum, Finland
The Estella Collection, Denmark
The Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation, Switzerland
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
The Red Mansion Foundation, UK
The Walther Collection, Germany, USA 
Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, China
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japan
Pier 24 Photography, USA